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Rotary Tiller Blades and Parts

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Update time : 2020-05-29 09:15:51
Rotary cultivator is a cultivating machine that completes the cultivating and raking operation with the tractor. Because of its strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after cultivation, it has been widely used; at the same time, it can cut the root stubble buried below the ground surface, which is convenient for the operation of the seeder and provides a good seed bed for later seeding. According to the configuration of its rotary blade axis, it is divided into three types: horizontal axis type, vertical axis type and inclined type. The correct use and adjustment of the rotary tiller is very important to maintain its good technical condition and ensure the quality of tillage. The rotary tiller has the functions of breaking the bottom of the plow, restoring the structure of the soil tillage layer, improving the soil water storage and moisture retention capacity, eliminating some weeds, reducing plant diseases and insect pests, leveling the ground, and raising the standard of agricultural mechanization operations.
Rotary Tiller Blades and parts provided by TEC GROUP INC. are commonly used accessories for rotary tillers. Our products use high-quality raw materials and undergo strict production processes and inspections to provide you with reliable rotary blades and accessories.

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