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Pay attention to the following points when installing the synchronous belt

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Update time : 2021-09-24 15:06:38
  1. When installing the Timing Belt, if the center distance of the two pulleys can be moved, the center distance of the pulleys must be shortened first, and then the center distance is reset after the timing belt is installed. If there is a tension pulley, first relax the tension pulley, then install the timing belt, and then install the tension pulley.
  1. When installing the timing belt on the pulley, remember not to use too much force, or use a screwdriver to pry the timing belt hard,so that it prevent the tensile layer in the timing belt from breaking inside. When designing the pulley, it is best to choose a structure in which the two shafts can move closer to each other. If the structure does not allow it, it is best to install the timing belt and the pulley on the corresponding shaft at the same time..
  1. Control the proper initial tension.
  1. In the Synchronous Belt drive, the axis parallelism of the two pulleys is required to be relatively consistent, otherwise the synchronous belt will deviate when working, or even jump out of the pulley. The non-parallel axis will cause uneven pressure, which is the early wear of the belt teeth.
  1. The frame supporting the pulley must have enough rigidity, otherwise the two axes will not be parallel when the pulley is running.
  1. When the timing belt is running, it is strictly forbidden to roll solid matter into the tooth groove, because the tensile layer of the timing belt allows very small elongation. When foreign matter rolls in, the timing belt will be cut if it cannot be extended.
  1. When starting, the center distance changes and the belt is slack, which will cause tooth skipping. Check whether the frame of the pulley is loose and whether the shaft positioning is suitable. To be adjusted and reinforced.
  1. The tensioner pulley must be installed on the back side of the belt.
  1. The most important point is that the installation must ensure that the machine is powered off, and safety first.
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