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Classification and type of High Strength Bolts

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Update time : 2020-05-31 18:05:01
Classification and type of High Strength Bolts:
1.High Strength Bolts can be divided into two types according to their stress characteristics.
Friction controlled high-strength bolts transfer shear force by the friction resistance between the connecting plates, and the friction resistance is overcome as the ultimate state of the bearing capacity of the connection.
2.Type of high strength bolts:
There are two types of high-strength bolts commonly used: large hexagon head high-strength bolt and torsional shear type high-strength bolt.
The tools for applying pretension force to high strength bolts with large hexagon head include electric and pneumatic spanners and special spanners.
When a special spanner is used to screw the nut, a ring is used as the counter screw fulcrum, and the ring head is broken along the groove when the final screw is screwed, and the broken one shall prevail to indicate that the specified pretension value has been reached.

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