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Tiller Blades Introduction

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Update time : 2020-05-30 11:40:42
Tiller Blades are the main working parts of the rotary tiller. Its shape and parameters directly affect the quality and power consumption of rotary tillage. Due to the different soil conditions and agronomic requirements, there are three types of rotary tillers, chisel blades, right angle blades and curved blades. The chisel-shaped knife is bent into a hook shape, with a chisel-shaped cutting edge on the front, which has a strong ability to enter the soil, but the blade is narrow and curved, and is only suitable for farming in fields with little weeds and loose soil. The right-angle knife has a wide blade body with side cutting edges and tangential cutting edges. The cutting edge is straightly bent at 90 °. It has good rigidity, good cutting and crushing capabilities, and is suitable for dryland farming. The blade of the curved blade is composed of a curve, and also has a side cutting edge and a tangential cutting edge. The blade is bent to the side by more than 90 °; when cutting, the curved cutting edge starts from the side cutting edge near the shank and gradually turns to the far side cutting edge After cutting, the grass is pressed into the soil by the tangent blade to achieve the supported cutting. Therefore, the machete has good sliding cutting performance and is not easy to entangle the grass. It is widely used in the cultivation of grassy rice fields.
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