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Advantages of TEC GROUP INC V-Belt

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Update time : 2021-05-25 14:23:00
1. Not Elongation
The core of the normal traditional V-belt is polyester cord.The Elongation rate of polyester cord is low, it is still elongated.
The core of the TEC traditional V-belt is another kind polyester cord which is similar steel wire.It is cylindrical, with strong hardness and good elasticity, no elongation, so the whole V-belt is non-elongation.
2. No need second times tension
Due to the elongation of the normal traditional V-belt, so we should check the working situation of V-belt regularly. When the V-belt is loose or slipping etc., we need to adjust the distance of the Belt pulley so that the V-belt can be transmitted normally and efficiently.
TEC traditional V-belt is not elongation, so we do not to adjust the distance of the Belt pulley.So TEC traditional V-belt can help you to improve efficiency and save time
3. Longer service life
Under correct installation, TEC traditional V-belt has a low slip rate and low heat generation, which is not easy to cause early aging of the belt. Its service life is longer than normal traditional V-belts.

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