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The soil after the Cultivator Sweeps is more conducive to plant growth

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Update time : 2020-08-19 11:32:24
The soil after the loosening operation of the Cultivator Sweeps is conducive to the rapid penetration of rainwater, reducing water and soil loss, and conducive to plant root growth and nutrient absorption; breaking the soil formation layer can break the plow bottom formed by long-term rotary or shallow ploughing, and improve the soil Water permeability and air permeability promote the formation of soil reservoirs.
After plowing, not only does not disturb the farming layer, but also keeps the upper and lower layers of the soil intact. After deep ploughing to 20 cm, the crop residues are broken up and subdivided, which accelerates the decomposition of microorganisms and expels the lumps in the soil
Pull off the ground stubble and retain part of the ground stubble to effectively protect the soil. The rear-mounted double nail-tooth soil crushing roller makes the soil surface smooth and finely broken after operation, and the farmland can reach the effect of sowing.
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