Raw Edge Cogged V-Belt

Raw Edge Cogged V-Belt type : AX / BX / CX / SPAX / SPBX / SPCX / 3VX / 5VX / 8VX
Working Temperature:-20℃ ~ +80℃
Standard:  ISO4184, BS 3790, DIN2215, ANSI/RMA IP-20
The Raw Edge Cogged V-Belt is resistant to oil and temperature stresses as well as antistatic. The moulded cog provides high flexibility and a good fit in the pulley grooves as well as a lower operation temperature, which increase belt life. A special rubber compound with textile fibres across the belt length resists deformation of the belt keeps a constant friction level for the remainder of its life after running in.
The belts are tolerance stable, allowing it to be used in matched sets without sorting.
  • Belt with an outstanding service life
  • Extremely low-stretch elongation
  • High grade polychloroprene rubber compound with a carefully determined fibre content.
  • High flexibility combined with optimum cross section rigidity
  • Very high coefficient of friction and low slip
  • Precise manufacturing and geometry
  • Excellent power transmission
  • Can be used on considerable smaller pulleys that those recommended as standard
  • Length Standard:
    Li: inside length
    Lp: pitch length
    La: outside length