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Causes of heating of V-belt pulleys and solutions

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Update time : 2020-09-05 09:27:55
1. The belt pulley is not assembled in a straight line and is misaligned. The side of the belt is stressed and friction generates heat. Solution: Adjust the installation position of the pulley to ensure the centering, and the heat problem can be eliminated.
2. There is oil in the pulley groove, the belt slips, and friction generates heat. Solution: Clean the oil and it can be solved.
3. The belt tension is insufficient and slipping generates heat. Solution: Adjust the position, increase the tension, and it's fine.
4. There is a problem with the groove corner processing of the pulley, the belt slips, and heat is generated. Re-inspect and repair; or replace the pulley.
5. There is a problem with the pulley processing, the radial and lateral runout is out of tolerance, the belt is friction, and heat is generated. Replace a qualified pulley.
6. The balance of the pulley is out of tolerance, the pulley vibrates, and the belt creeps to generate heat. Suggestion: balance the pulley. After meeting the requirements, install and use.
7. There is a problem with the selection of the small pulley. The pulley has a large wrap angle and slips and generates heat. It is recommended to redesign it.
8. The load is large, the choose working condition coefficient is small, and the belt creeps and generates heat. There will be the following situations:
First: The driving wheel and the driven wheel are the same size. At this time, the belt slips on the driving wheel. The driving wheel heats up and the driven wheel also heats up, which is lower than the driving wheel.
Second: The driving wheel is small, and the groove angle is smaller than that of the driven wheel. At this time, the driven wheel is slipping, the heating temperature of the driven wheel is high, and the temperature of the driving wheel is low.
The above situation is that the load selection is unreasonable, the belt does not move, and the heating phenomenon caused by peristalsis occurs. The solution is to reselect the working condition coefficient and the number of pulley grooves to solve the heating problem.

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